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What you get


Up to the second race details including all relevant live and historical information, presented in an easy to digest format.

TrackWiz Rating

TrackWiz’s proprietary algorithm tells you exactly which horses to bet on and why. Layer on expert analysis for ultimate track guidance!


Knows exactly which track you’re at, which race you’re on, and opens up to exactly what matters to YOU!

*Must have location services enabled!

Live Chat

Chat with other race fans live at the track. Utilize the wisdom of the crowd to help maximize your picks!


Easily view today’s results for any track! Win, Place, Show – keeping it simple 🤑


100+ different alerts available. Is the horse using lasix for the first time? Blinkers? Does it crush at this post?

Horse Racing Picks

Made Easy

Horse Racing App You’ve Been Looking For.

Learn Which Horses To Pick and Why!

Simple, Easy To Understand.

Powerful Premium Data in the palm of Your Hand

The ultimate track companion now fits in your pocket. No more bulky out-dated TipSheets, newspapers, and pencils. From pre-race to finish-line, TrackWiz is here to help you succeed!

Track-Specific, Graded Expert Picks, & Analysis

Today's Top Horses & Jockeys

Track Conditions

Simplified Horse Racing Odds

Experts & Algorithms

Available with TrackWiz Premium+

Premium DayPass

Unlimited access to everything for the day! This is a one-time purchase, no recurring fees.

5.99 /day
Premium Subscription

Includes all Racetelligence data (Live Stats, Ratings, etc.), live track chat, plus Expert Analysis and Algorithms – telling you exactly which horses to bet on, how, and why.

14.99 /mo